Seattle Channel – City Inside/Out Officially a City PR Fluff Show

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May 262013

Ever since CR Douglas left the Seattle Channel, I have significantly cut back on my watching.  CR would ask tough questions and push for answers.  Brian Callanan has a very “different” style.  He’s pretty much in the back pocket of McGinn and the arena.  Callanan wraps his monologue in every possible PR point Hansen gave, especially the bit about boosting franchise values everywhere (because obviously other billionaires without 5 year agreements to build arenas will all be equally enthusiastic about upping their own bids) and not remembering that Hansen was only buying 65% of the team and was funneling money through the Maloofs towards a relocation fee.

That said, on their 5/17/2013 show, they had Art Thiel, Elise Woodward (both sports radio hosts), KXPA host Mercedes Garcia (apparently a station on AM radio for immigrant communities), and Brian Robinson of Save Our Sonics/Arena Solution/Sonics Central/Sonics Rising.  Brian Robinson was saying that, in the next few weeks, he thinks the NBA needs to offer a olive branch to Seattle NBA fans.  Brian also suggested that many underestimated the political capital that would be gained by Sacramento parties who saved the Kings franchise…   some would call that pandering but political capital being captured is a fine description too.  This show is already dated, as the Kings sale hadn’t yet gone through and they were still talking about anti-trust lawsuits.  Of course Elise and Mercedes take an opportunity to pander to kids…  because without kids being able to go to Pro NBA games they will never learn to love the game (nevermind all the middle/high-school basketball games, pick up games, or even college games that seem to work in all markets outside the 30 existing NBA cities).

I especially enjoyed the comments at the end from average people – I’d like the Sonics back, I’m tired of this saga, I’d rather have the NHL here, if we have the money for this we should be able to take care of the homeless problem.

There is also a 5/22 update …  about 4 minutes, although it looks like they tacked it onto the original program’s beginning.


Other news, FYI, we’re now being linked to by an ad on FieldOfSchemes .  I guess I can’t let this domain expire right away.

May 152013

Today we learned just a bit ago that Hansen’s attempt to bring the NBA to Seattle is now on hold.  The Kings are staying in Sacramento. Expansion still off the table. Better luck next time Chris and Steve.

BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE on a SoDo arena dream, for now at least.

Arena Go BOOM!

Arena Goes BOOM!

No TV announcer, they were cheering for the dome to go away.  The crowd  didn’t realize we still owed about $80 million on that thing though.

After the NBA meeting, Vote and Stuff… OMG the WAIT!

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May 152013

There’s been a BoG meeting/vote going on since 11 PST.  Things are letting out… slowly.  Expect that the official result will be revealed by Stern, but the Maloofs and Hansen went in first, followed by the Sac group and Mayor Johnson.

The Maloofs obviously are backing Hansen.

Sacramento’s Mayor is smiling, although Seattle’s ChrisDaniels5 doesn’t see smiles right now. What do you see in this pic?




There’s some “discussions” in the hallway… remember Cuban is a pretty big supporter of the Seattle being back in the NBA.



Daniels is getting ready to unleash a bunch of angry questions at Stern.

King5 has a live stream if you wish to use it…. expect to start on the hour.  who knows when…  still voting or something.

Maloofs went in, then left the room. Still like the attention though.



I hope this isn’t “we’ve agreed to meet in another week to handle the finance committee’s vote.”








Carmichael Dave is getting downright poetic in his fatherly wisdom.








Curiously, wasn’t 8 the critical number of votes needed to deny a sale ? Doesn’t matter, they probably had 22 who would deny the sale to Hansen.



  and after watching a live stream of a folding table for an hour King5’s feed of the press conference died so it’s back to tweets.








The Maloofs still retain ownership, but the NBA is going to work on transferring that team to the Ranadive group over 24-48 hours. There’s over $300 mil in escrow.




’s short 2.5 minute clip of David Stern’s press conference is here.  The full 24 minute version has now been posted here.
The transcript (printed and MP3 audio) are available here.

Seattle’s Chris Daniels had the following questions and responses:

Q.  There has been a lot discussed over the last week about this back‑up bid from the Hansen Group to the Maloofs to purchase 20% of the franchise if the franchise would stay in Sacramento as the board has now voted?  Can you shed any light on that if that’s a factor at all?
COMMISSIONER STERN:  All I can say is the only action that was taken today was a vote on the relocation.  There had been no documents signed with respect to the back‑up bid, so there was nothing for the board to consider.

Q.  So was there any talk of expansion at all in this meeting today as a way to satisfy?
COMMISSIONER STERN:  I think there was a generalized talk that it would be good in the future just to consider that issue, but awaiting the next television renegotiation which is virtually upon us.  Especially in terms of the year or so, or what have you, that it was best to await that event.

Q.  Are there any promises at all to the Seattle group as we sit here tonight?
COMMISSIONER STERN:  Just that our promise of fair dealing and ultimate consideration down the road.

Q.  The way this process has played out over the last few months, it’s dragged on for both Seattle and Sacramento.  Sacramento has been able to come up with a term sheet and is successful today.  Is this a victory for the NBA the way this situation played out?
COMMISSIONER STERN:  No, I would say it’s a victory for Sacramento, not a victory for the NBA.  It’s more than just a term sheet, really.  Under pressure from the committees, the land for arena has been bought; a purchase agreement on behalf of the potential of Sacramento has been signed and put into escrow, awaiting the signature from the seller.  And I think it’s going to be subject to some negotiation, obviously.
  $240‑some‑odd million dollars have been secured, and over $200 of that has been placed in escrow, which is substantially more than is needed to close under the agreement that’s in escrow.  So it’s really much more than a term sheet that has been proffered by the Sacramento group.  They do that in the face of a city council vote with respect to funding and the like.
  The presentation that we saw both from Seattle, talking about the property and the strength of the group and the process, and Sacramento about what this development will mean in terms of jobs and downtown, you know, I think those presentations and considering them was a victory for the NBA.  That is to say it’s nice to see two great cities being so interested on an NBA franchise, but the big winner here was Sacramento.

Komo4 and Jon Humbert had a nice piece summarizing today’s press conferences, with an obvious dejected Seattle NBA fan base. Looks like they went to interview Brian Robinson at home (he’s been quiet since the vote on Sonics Rising).

David Stern On Bonds Between City and Team

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Apr 302013

For all the talk of this being “unexpected” in Seattle media.  I’d like to show you this quote on the Vancouver Grizzlies and Bill Laurie’s attempt to buy the team.

The Lauries’ desire for an N.B.A. team in St. Louis — coupled with their refusal to guarantee that the team will remain in Vancouver — forced Stern to address the possibility of an N.B.A. team’s relocating for the first time in 15 years.

”It’s not unprecedented for N.B.A. teams to move,” Stern said today hours after arriving for league meetings. ”On the other hand, when you place a franchise someplace you ask the fans to make a certain commitment to the team. And it’s not inappropriate for the fans and the cities to expect the league to have some commitment to them.

And from the interview following the BoG recommendation we have:

I didn’t see a unanimous vote coming but, they decided that as strong as the Seattle bid was, and it was very strong, there is some benefit that should be given to a city that has supported us for so long and has stepped up to contribute to building a new building as well.

City Inside/Out Asks Journalists about Kings to Seattle

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Apr 272013

Hidden amongst what is mostly talk about the police issues, the mayor, and state legislative issues, there was a brief question by Callanan to Joel Connelly of the PI, Lynne Varner of the Times, and Dominic Holden of The Stranger.  None of these journalists have any qualificiations to make them experts on this topic, so their opinions are just that. If you watch the whole show, you’ll find a few comments from the public about the NBA sprinkled in some of the street shoutouts.

I have also wondered if some of the opinions voiced by The Stranger would change if its writers weren’t given great free seats with their press credentials. Dominic enjoys a good railing against the regressive tax structure of the state and then sounds like he’d like the NBA to return (and increase property tax bills on citizens to pay arena bonds, as well as enable a large business to bypass paying many normal business tax streams while still receiving city services).

But, there’s also a poll in there “Are you optimistic pro-basketball will return to Seattle ?”  The poll is not really specific about when, what city’s team, and will it actually provide any worthwhile economic benefit to those of us who don’t run TShirt shops or shoot 70% at free throws, but feel free to answer Yes, No, or Unsure.

Stern Press Conference Following BoG Meeting

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Apr 192013

Eventually I’ll find a full video, but for now there’s bullets.  I will let you know that there’s no decision and Sacramento’s offer is getting all the remaining bits finalized (like a Maloof signature) before the NBA considers it.  But they’re bringing it to their table.

Also, there’s some leaked portions of a Maloof letter to the NBA that promises that current Kings employees will have at least 18 months of current contract if Hansen’s bid goes through and Sac whales wouldn’t agree to that.  If Hansen’s offer is contingent on them moving to Seattle to do the work, then maybe I can see that being a semi-valid point, but clearly there’s also some housecleaning to do if the team’s ownership is drastically changing at the hands of the Sac bidders and it’s far more likely employees will continue those 18 months of employment in Sacramento.

Also, there’s this bit of accurate reporting from Daniels:

Ok, I have some links to video clips from

Stern disliking Chris Daniels starts this clip, in a room full of reporters and after several had interacted well with Stern

Stern answering David Aldridge questions on ownership/sale system vs movement

And, lastly, Stern says we’ll know outcome before the NBA Draft (mid-May)

because, at the end of the day, David Stern is benevolent staff, not some sort of masterful puppet-master.  Right ?

Longer clips
Stern’s longer (12 min) speech about the NBA this year (kings talk is 10:10 in )
The full half hour press conference is also posted now (questions from reporters start at 13 min)

As In Tied Game of Soccer, NBA BoG Needs “Extra Time”

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Apr 172013

The big news from Wednesday’s four hour long purchase/relocation advisory committee meeting seems to be that this won’t be voted on until May.  The advisory group scheduled a meeting late next week, again and  some say there was a January rule change that has a 7 day wait from advisory committee recommendation to full vote…  meaning no vote for another week beyond that advisory meeting.  Others say it’s due to mass confusion about how to vote on this sale/purchase/relocate with another bid thrust at them.

Considering how the word from Seattle NBA fans has been that Hansen’s deal is so strong, with an existing sales agreement, and his group throws out money like those guys who “make it rain” at a strip club, the need for further deliberations with Stern saying “we’re not discussing expansion” can’t be anything but disheartening for Seattle NBA fans.  A few say “maybe they’re trying to figure out how to let Sac down easy” because NBA owners are well known for being sentimental, right?

They don’t want this to be a close vote and, while it’s probably not going to change the position when they’ve been given more time for cautious deliberation and careful evaluation of all options, it certainly gives Sac a few more weeks to firm up their commitments and flash that at the NBA.  Why, well, because unlike the previous plan, there’s going to be another chance for both cities to present to said BoG.  Maybe this time it won’t involve spending time denigrating an existing NBA city.

I’m still hunting for video of all the Stern comments but we did get a “Stern sigh” after he told Chris Daniels he wouldn’t be disclosing details of the bids but Daniels fired back with “will they put down a deposit” immediately following.  <sarcasm>There’s a whole lot of love between Daniels and Stern.</sarcasm>

A slightly more complete version from the Seattle Times.