May 092016

The Seattle City Council has learned to have a pretty thick skin when it comes to public comments.  I’m sure their staff filters a lot of vile e-mails and tweets, and they have put up with StandUpAmerica and the like for a while now (even Megan Murphy? who spoke after Josh crazily, but didn’t graciously accept council’s cheer for her expression of support).  After rejecting the Street Vacation, a barrage of insults (and apparently some support) were hurled at the council members voting against the vacation, particularly the 5 of 5 female councilwomen who voted against the vacation.  Chris Hansen eventually posted a warning not spew such ire, but that didn’t stop it.  At this morning’s council briefing, a full week after the vote, the council resolved to find a way to stand up to some of the more egregious breaks of decorum (President Harrell at 1:30 and Bagshaw at 8:20). Harrell’s statement is more of “shame on you” as opposed to Bagshaw’s suggestion of taking some sort of stand.

This afternoon, one person apparently took their two minutes for public comment as an opportunity to attack the council some more, in front of cameras.  Of course, this elicits “if you can’t stand the heat, don’t be on the city council” comments from the likes of Jason Rantz (who needs some web-savy people to appropriately link to this afternoon’s full council video, once the 5/9 video is actually posted).  EDIT:  Video has been posted of Josh Shea making the targeted comments 6:10.

After spending countless hours on an arena for a team that looks even more impossible than 5 years ago, angry public backlash over something that won’t matter until a team is acquired is an interesting tact that’s sure to make city government wary of ever entertaining any hypothetical arena deals in the future.

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