Apr 082016

The Sustainability and Transportation Committee held the third meeting on the WSA Properties petition to vacate Occidental Avenue to make way for Hansen’s sports arena.  The video of the meeting starts with some public comments from politicians and leaders from the Port of Seattle and some Save Our Sonics leaders too.  The SDOT part is at 42:45 and then the Port of Seattle’s consultant, Marnie Hughes? starts at the 2 hour mark.  Councilmembers O’Brien, Johnson, Juarez, Burgess, and Harrell were in attendance (only O’Brien and Johnson are assigned to the committee, Sawant and Herbold (alternate) were both absent).

Harrell took a bit of umbrage at the Port’s legal council’s suggestion of legal challenges and Marnie dropped the hot potato of making the council consider potential future use of the right of way that’s being vacated.  Johnson veered off for a bit to discuss tolling nearby freeways and seemed to wish to have a public forum to suggest tolling I-90 would benefit Port traffic predictability.  Marnie points out that the plan has changed a bit from how it’s initially presented, such that a  new parking garage is now directly south of the arena which wasn’t previously accounted for.


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