Mar 182016

Audio will be up here later (about 7:30 into this mp3 and it will replay Friday at 7 PM on KUOW), but former King County Councilwoman Jane Hague, Q13 Analyst (and very missed Seattle Channel host) C.R. Douglas, and Ijeoma Oluo all voiced disapproval of building an arena in SoDo and described the street vacation as simply going through the motions half-heartedly at City Hall.  The feeling on the panel is that KeyArena is very much the preferred location.  Jane Hague even goes as far as to say this project should be privately financed.  Also mentioned in the show, Hansen’s shine may have been tarnished by the secret Sacramento political donations and fines.

Councilwoman Hague’s originally voted FOR the Arena MOU (the King County Council vote in 2012 was unanimous).  Obviously, time has changed how our councilmembers feel about going forward with a SoDo arena.  In original discussions with the Seattle City Council, the City Council pressed for a list of owners that could be financially vetted and the group’s only publicly disclosed billionaire, Steve Ballmer, has left for the Clippers.

From 2012 – “There are many miles to go and promises to keep,” said Council Vice Chair Jane Hague. “This begins the process of measuring environmental, economic and transportation impacts on not only the SODO site but other sites that also may emerge.”

Maddeningly, C.R. also comes down on the side of being able to be the pace car in the left lane of the highway.

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