Nov 062013

The race for the Mayor of Seattle was thought to be decided in preliminary polls, but NBA faithful pulled for Mike McGinn as their candidate.  Kris “Sonics Guy” Brannon and Brian Robinson (who both, incidentally, do not live in Seattle and thus can’t vote for Mike) of various Sonics fan organizations endorsed Mike McGinn just before the primary.  Sonics fans were encouraged to phone bank, drag their friends into voting in this off-year race, etc to try to stem the tide of McGinn’s trailing by over 10 points.

It failed.  The first ballot count posted Tuesday night indicated McGinn was trailing 43% to 56% (39,124 votes to 50,938).  That sort of deficit is unlikely to be made up.

The Seattle City Councilmen who voted against the Hansen arena MOU, Conlin and Licata, are both safely re-elected.  Conlin’s challenger Sawant was nipping (and, oddly, endorsed by many NBA fans), but it looks unlikely for Conlin to be unseated.

District elections for Seattle City Council positions finally won, which will be interesting to see how it plays out and who ends up representing the SoDo contingent.

McGinn Defeated By Arena-Opposition

As we’ve heard said about Nickel’s 2009 defeat being a referendum on his handling of the Sonics’ departure, I guess the same can be said about McGinn’s defeat being helped, in no small way, by the nearly 3/4ths of the voters out there who remembered voting for I-91, against building an arena for the NBA without making money on it.

While not at all overturned by a credible challenger, the 22% of the vote going to “not-Dow Constantine” for King County Executive – candidate Alan Lobdell – could also be a good sign of growing foment against those who promulgate another taxpayer-assisted arena.

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  1. Now, Maybe Murray will give a straight answer about the welfare arena; and yes, Mcginn lost because he tried to have Seattle pay welfare to billionaires.

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