May 142013

If you’re Hansen and Ballmer, this should be a sign… two grown men don’t match their tie colors as purple without being on a mission.

Purple Ties at Game 5

#NBA Commissioner David Stern in #SanAntonio for Game 5 #Warriors #Spurs #Sanantonio

  2 Responses to “Purple Ties – Long Live the Kings”

  1. To be honest (and I’ve had a degree of fun on here at times), if this is done and basketball IS denied to Seattle, I’d hope you would keep it civil out of respect for folks who DO appreciate the sport. The videos of Shaquille O’Neal congratulating Sacramento after the relocation recommendation went there way seemed as if you’d rub it in. Not liking the arena deal is one thing, smearing a loss in the faces of those who want basketball is another.

    Not sure when the agenda embiggened from being anti-arena to coming off as anti-Seattle basketball fan (and do save the response of “I have nothing against basketball, just X-Y-Z funding for an arena).

  2. I do wish to take a high-road in many things, but I will admit that some of the obstinance of NBA fans in Seattle has started to push me into a vindictive place. We’ll see, but thanks for the advice.

    October 15th MelloDawg:
    Are you done yet? It’s a foregone conclusion Hansen finds an NBA team, and that’s all he needs, the NHL team comes later.
    This site will go up in smoke as it should. Here’s to hoping you find some open streetcorners so you can yell at cars as well as some soft ground for further foot stomping.
    Sonics Fans

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