May 132013

Friday’s Desperate Act

On Friday, Hansen took to his website to announce that he’d further embiggened his offer by 65% of $75 M, for a total team valuation of $625 M for the Kings.  He also promised to forgo taking any revenue sharing (but used the more upbeat wording of promising to be a revenue contributor, which could be satisfied by paying $0.01 each year).

Of course, with the revelation that the relocation committee was more focused about Sacramento’s ability to support the team rather than this being a cut on Seattle and the NBA’s seeming to ignore all these revisions to the offer that was first submitted by the Maloofs, all this amounts to is Hansen throwing a tantrum in the middle of the lobby to get attention.

Saturday’s Desperate Act

On Saturday, the Maloofs announced Hansen’s plan B was to simply buy into the Kings by purchasing 20% of the Maloofs’ shares for $125 M with an option to buy the rest of their portion for two years.  Presumably, this “option” would make everyone unhappy and make the “Kings request to relocate to Seattle-application” go into a GroundDay loop every single year until it happens.

The same ESPN article (and David Aldridge confirms – way down at “Nobody Asked Me But” ) also says that Hansen “volunteered” a $115 M relocation fee that would be divided among the other 29 team owners and eclipses the $30 million paid by Clay Bennett’s group when they relocated the Sonics/Thunder to an un-NBA’ed market in Oklahoma City (although one could read the “new proposal” as suggesting the suggested relocation fee should be applied to the Friday proposal, as Sam Amick did).  Sounds awful bribe-like to me.


Supposedly, there is a conference call scheduled for 3 PM EST/Noon PST on Monday (today) for the NBA board to set their ducks in a row.  I’m expecting it to be a “do we go ahead with option B and seizing the team as we’d discussed” for the NBA to go deus ex machina on sorting all this out.

Update 4:45 PM Monday
And, late Monday as things are winding down… nothing too big yet.

State Senator Steinberg refers to Hansen’s moves as “desperate”. Good choice of words. Video from the Sacramento Bee.

Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn acknowledges more important things to do on Wednesday than go to NBA meeting.  Is this acknowledging the way this has turned ugly and lost public support ?



Tweets have been fun.  Tim Montemayor was hacked and several pro-Sacramento news blurbs deleted and replaced by Seattle rants… or something.



A similar thing happened to Aaron Bruski, although he just let it go.





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Carmichael Dave has a good long string of ribbing KJR’s Softy last night that I found thoroughly entertaining.


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