May 052013

For the supposed outrage in Seattle over the NBA denying relocation of the Kings, a recent Seattle Channel program called Civic Cocktail took an informal poll in the room about people with feelings about the NBA denial of Seattle.  Callanan tried to drum up some sort of outrage in the room, but there was none.  One hand in the room went up.  Callanan later commented “I don’t see all that many hands go up… ok.”  He then pushed the issue to the panel that night in order to get some comments from people who may have cared.  aPODments got more reaction.

One comment offered from the crowd was “I’ll just go support our local world-championship team, the Seattle Storm” which did get cheers.  One of the panelists suggested that the apirational NBA owners should put that much money into supporting education.  I won’t say that Steve hasn’t supported education in several personal donations, but the Nevada sales trick by MSFT sure hurts.

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