Mar 132013

Chris Hansen has posted some renderings of the interior of his proposed arena.

The feature he’s touting is a set of Sonic Rings (an expanded version of the 360 Architecture design for the Edmonton Arena) which would put a halo of seats high up over the court.  While this helps alleviate blocked sight-lines from the cheap seats, it also would create a new concern…  will the traditional center-court scoreboard actually start to impede sight-lines ?

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  2 Responses to “Hansen’s Arena Is So Awesome, It Doesn’t Need a Scoreboard”

  1. While I realize you may be geometrically challenged, I can assure you that the architects have thought of this and the scoreboard will definitely NOT obstruct the view of the court from ANY seat in the arena.

    • That picture in the lower right corner is actually a shot captioned “view from the lowest sonic ring”, which means there are two rings above that. I’m not sure how you’d put a center court scoreboard that doesn’t obstruct that view…. maybe see-through ?

      If you have some special insight or pictures with a scoreboard, please elaborate.

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