Nov 082012

Recent stories of John Olerud’s building a house in 2006, staying at his neighbor’s house for 8 months while his home is being built, and then waiting a few years before having the Clyde Hill Board of Adjustment vote 3-2 to condemn his neighbor’s decades-old trees as obstructing Olerud’s view have highlighted the different set of rules the wealthy live by.

Picture in your mind what an “obstructed view” looks like.  Now take a look at what Olerud’s obstructed view of the Seattle skyline looks like.  Hey Mr Golden Glove, if a single tree 100 ft away can “obstruct the skyline” it’s not a panoramic skyline view you’re looking at but only a “feature” on the horizon.  You should have built your home on the West half of the lot, where your massive back yard is, if you intended to get a better angle on Seattle…  and don’t give your neighbors to the East any ideas with those privacy hedges growing taller over the years.

The “evidence” of an obstructed view Olerud submitted. As shown in Komo4 story.

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